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Is There a Fire in You?


Caddo-Midway is home to 22 volunteer firefighters, emergency medical technicians/paramedics, first responders, and support personnel.  However, there is always a need for more volunteers, especially during the daytime hours, when most of our volunteers are at work. Our ages range from 18 to 75, both males and females alike. You can be a junior firefighter at 16 years old and work your way to the title of volunteer firefighter once you are 18. 


We offer CPR classes as well as emergency medical responder classes with various neighboring departments if you are interested in helping answer some of the medical calls in our area. This is also the bulk of our calls, so help is appreciated! We also conduct live fire training, search and rescue training, and extrication classes many different times a year to make sure all of our volunteers are prepared to the best of their ability to answer calls within the district. We meet every Thursday night at 7pm (Except for the 5th Thursday) and we would love to serve with you if you enjoy helping others and serving your community!


Love kids or teaching? Every year firefighters reach out to East Lawrence Elementary and the daycares in the area to talk to the kids about fire prevention and fire safety. Reaching out to these kids benefits our public relations with the community and also helps them understand that firefighters are their friends and they shouldn't be scared if they see us fully geared up during a fire. 


Last but not least, becoming a volunteer could help you with a career in firefighting or emergency services in the future. Many of our volunteers also work for city fire departments and ambulance services. Come by the station, check out or Facebook page, or call us about joining today!

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