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Support Your Caddo-Midway Fire & Rescue District


The Caddo-Midway Fire & Rescue District is always ready to respond to emergency calls 24/7, 365 days a year. 

We are currently operating with the same funding that we were nearly 30 years ago (a $25 tax assessment) and we need help. To remain compliant by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the governing body of firefighting standards, our trucks and equipment must meet these standards. They are also meant to keep our members and our community safe. 

Did you know that to supply one firefighter in full turnout gear and a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) or airpack, it costs nearly $15,000? The turnout gear has a usable life of 10 years while the SCBA of 15 years and both must be tested annually.

We are in a unique position as a fire district, which is different from other fire departments. Our district was created under a state act and is unusual and the only one in North Alabama.   While the District Board has not raised rates since 1996, the increasing cost of services may create the need to increase rates in the near future.

Therefore, we are in the need of any funds possible to keep our operations running.  As now, we are barely covering fuel, vehicle and basic equipment needs, and new compliant gear for our members. If you don’t have the time to volunteer, please consider donating to the department.  Monthly and annual donations can be accepted, as well as participation in our fund raisers.


Did you know that without the fire department, your insurance premiums would more than double annually?  Currently, the Fire District has an ISO class 4 rating. If we do not have the funding to continue at the Class 4 Rating, insurance premiums will skyrocket and in some cases be unaffordable. 

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