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Caddo-Midway Fire & Rescue District


Caddo-Midway Fire Department was established in 1971. The department operated as a non-profit until 1998 when The Caddo-Midway Fire & Rescue District was formed. The District still operates as a non-profit governmental unit established under the code of Alabama.

Our purpose and objective is to save lives, protect property, prevent and extinguish fires, work towards the betterment of the fire service, reduce unnecessary loss of life and property, and promote legislation. In addition, we conduct fire safety surveys, cooperate with government agencies, and provide year-round educational programs to our community.

A Fire district is different than other a non-profit  fire agency's. A fire district is created under a state act (11-89-1). This is unusual and we are the only one in North Alabama. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall operation and financial stability of the Fire District.  Currently the District is funded by a county wide fire fee of $25.00 paid by homeowners and businesses.  The District's budget is supplemented by fund raisers and donations.  

The District has Two  Fire Stations.

Station One is located on the North side of Highway 24 located at 7909 County Road 214 in Caddo. Station Two is located on the South side of Highway 24 located at 3822 County Road 434 Moulton in Midway. These two stations are strategically positioned to allow all property within the Fire District to be within 5 miles of a fire station. The District is governed by a 7-member Board of Directors which are elected and serve 4-year terms. Officers of the District are appointed by the Board.  ​


  • Ronnie L. Hampton, Fire Chief

  • Darwin N. Clark, Assistant Fire Chief/Administrator

  • Marshall Tucker, Captain

  • Garod Hargett, Captain

  • Kell Whitlow, Lieutenant

  • Matt Smith, Lieutenant


Board of Directors


  • Steve Fry

  • Ronnie Keeton

  • Thomas Jones

  • Troy Potts Sr.

  • Steven Cornelious

  • Floyd Morgan

  • Joan Hargett


Secretary/Treasurer of the Board


  • Joan Hargett - Secretary of the Board

  • Shelley Hargett - District Treasurer

The Board meets the 4th Thursday of each month (Except November) at 7:00 P.M. at Station One.

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